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Further Education or Training for that New Career

If you have decided to change jobs or careers and if that new path requires additional education or trainings, you can face that new opportunity with confidence.

Ask yourself:

  • Now that I know who I am as a learner, how can I use that knowledge to approach the new learning?

Use your Learning Pattern self-awareness to:

  • Develop strategies to succeed in your new training program and
  • Operationalize those strategies to learn in ways that you never have before.

Self-Directed Online Course: Claim Your Place as a Successful Trainee

Learn to use 4 key strategies to assure your success as a trainee.

Find Your Career Path

Learn to find the best job match to how you learn.

Interview Prep

Incorporate your self-awareness into your interview and nail it!

Building a Resume

Deftly weave your Personal Learning Profile into your resume to stand out from other applicants.