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Taking the LCI:  What You Need to Know

There is no one single way to learn, but there are ways to use how you learn to your advantage. The following two steps will help you identify how you learn, and how to use that information to your advantage when seeking employment.

Step 1: Identifying How You Learn

The best way to understand how you learn is to complete the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) using the Personal Learning Coach (PLC).

In the Learning Connections Inventory, respond to 28 statements and answer 3 questions about what you like to do-–things such as reading, building, solving problems, making lists, and coming up with ideas. FYI:  YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWERS BECAUSE THIS IS INTERVIEW WITH YOURSELF!

Step 2:  Build Your Personal Learning Profile with your LCI Scores

The Personal Learning Profile (PLP) translates your LCI scores into statements potential employers can understand about you. Your PLP shares insights into your professional work ethic—which employers are looking for.

Take the LCI and
Build Your Personal Learning Profile Now!

Wondering what your patterns mean?

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After you have discovered your potential…