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Develop Your Resume

You’ve found that perfect match. Now prepare your resume or job application that will grab your potential employer’s attention as well as give you an inside edge.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I showcase my creativity as a potential employee?
  • How can I show this potential employer that I am a good fit for them?

Use your Learning Pattern self-awareness to:

  • Uniquely connect your experience with the job requirements and
  • Make your story stand out.

Self-Directed Online Module: Build a Resume that Highlights Your Soft-skill Assets

Prepare a resume that features the soft skills of interpersonal communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

This self-guided module includes feedback from a Let Me Learn-certified career advisor.

Resume Course 3 Lessons $29.95

Find Your Career Path

Match your learning to a job that fits you best.

Interview Prep

Incorporate your self-awareness into your interview and nail it!


Coming Soon: Use your personal learning strategies to thrive, not just survive, in job training programs.