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Impressing Them at Your Interview

Your application has secured an interview! This is your chance to shine and show them who you are as a potential employee, beyond your skill set and knowledge base.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my story and how can I tell the relevant parts of it briefly?
  • How can I relate my life experience to the job I am seeking?

Use your Learning Pattern self-awareness to:

  • Uniquely connect your experience with those interviewing you beyond the job requirements and
  • Make your interview stand out.

Self-Directed Online Module: Crushing Your Interview

Present yourself, through the insight of understanding your Learning Patterns, as the candidate best matched to fill the position as posted.

This self-guided module includes feedback from a Let Me Learn-certified career advisor.

Interview Course 4 Lessons $29.95

Find Your Career Path

Match your learning to a job that fits you best.

Building a Resume

Deftly weave your Personal Learning Profile into your resume to stand out from other applicants.


Coming Soon: Use your personal learning strategies to thrive, not just survive, in job training programs.