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Increase a New Employee’s Ability to be Successful When Participating in On-the-job Training

Congratulations! You are starting a new job. Of course, as with all new jobs, there comes a learning curve. There are a lot of new things that will be thrown at you in your new position. Will you be ready to handle them? Can you be the quick learner all employers hope for?

If school was difficult or, at the very least, an unpleasant experience for you and you find yourself agitated or apprehensive about learning something new, Let Me Learn Solutions can help.

We teach adult learners how to overcome negative feelings of past academic struggles, help develop personal strategies and more.

Through the Let Me Learn Process®, we can:

  • Teach adult learners how to overcome the negative feelings of past academic struggles or failure.
  • Teach adult learners how to develop personal strategies to use when participating in online or classroom training.
  • Teach adult learners how each learns and how that relates to developing their work readiness credentials.

We have a couple of products that would help you achieve some of those aforementioned goals.

First, there is the Personal Learning Coach, a web-based app that guides you to understand yourself as a learner. It helps you create a personal learning profile as well as breaking down tasks and assignments and then suggesting strategies to help you tackle them.

If you’re looking for more information, you can order a copy of Finding Your Way: Navigating Life by Understanding Your Learning-Self. It is a pocket-sized book that gives you a chance to affirm yourself as a learner regardless of your age or stage in life.