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Complete Effective Performance Evaluations

We all want to believe we are entirely objective. But unfortunately, we’re not. There are obvious biases that are unacceptable, but then there are others that can affect how you supervise and how you conduct performance evaluations. This bias is about how you learn compared to how your employees or supervisees learn. When you understand how you learn and how that affects the way you see the world, you can better appreciate the way your employees and supervisees take in the world.

To understand yourself as a learner, you can read Finding Your Way and you can subscribe to the Personal Learning Coach.

Finding Your Way is structured to guide you on a very interactive and personal journey. You will discover how to use your mind with intention—that is, with a consciousness of what you are doing and why you are doing it—to absorb information and develop skills and judgment through self-directed assessment and personal reflection.

With this new-found self-awareness, you can make better-informed evaluations of your employees or supervisees.

In today’s working world, it is all about teamwork, working together, getting the most of of a project through collaboration.

And the supervisor who understands oneself as a learner, as well as those under that supervisor, can really build productive teams. Teams that can work together for that common goal through mutual understanding and respect for each other as learners on the team.

And when it comes to supervising individuals, that same understanding will help increase communication and understanding of each other through a common vocabulary. Understanding each other as learners can help remove the judgement and false assumptions about one’s behavior in the workplace.

By reading Finding Your Way, you can achieve that self-awareness that makes a real difference in the workplace.