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Complete a Successful Job Search

If you are searching for a job for the first time, or if you haven’t looked for work in a while, the process can be intimidating. Looking for a job is not something that comes naturally to anyone. While the internet has provided job seekers with amazing resources, how can you sift through all of that information? How can you know if that job description will be a great fit for you as an employee?

Our solutions will teach you:

  • How to use your personal learning patterns with purpose
  • How to understand and decode job descriptions and to know what patterns are needed (and how well your learning patterns match with that job.)

You can start with Taking Charge! This brief booklet has a lot of good information packed inside. Let Me Learn developed this publication over the last few years as we were working with discharged veterans and displaced workers.

You might also want to subscribe to The Personal Learning Coach. This web-based app walks you through taking the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI), creating your own personal learning profile, and then helping you understand how suited you are to a job when you enter a job description as a task. It breaks down that description and suggests strategies for you to take on that job based on your personal Learning Patterns.