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The Brain-Mind Connection

How Do We Learn?

In the field of education, the issue of how the human mind functions translates into a single question, “How do we learn?” As deceptively simple as this question may first appear, it requires a very sophisticated response. First and foremost, we no longer subscribe to a linear depiction of learning as a “spoon-it-in, pack-it-down, move-to-the-next-level” cumulative process. Learning according to all we know occurs because of the continuous interaction of our four Learning Processes (Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence) and the three mental processes which operate within each Learning Process (Cognition, Conation, and Affectation).

A model of learning which takes each of these components into consideration, depicting them as interactive experiences, is the Brain-Mind Connection/Interactive Learning Model. This forms the basis of the Let Me Learn Process®, a trademarked, Advanced Learning System.

Since 1994, academics and practitioners in education and corporate settings continue to develop and test this model of learning. What they consistently discover is that the Let Me Learn Process® gives everyone another means of identifying how each person absorbs information, uses his or her personal tools for learning, and develops as a confident and successful lifelong learner.